We believe that we have an obligation to help educate members of our society about the processes of invention, innovation and intellectual property law. We also believe that through education, and with the assistance of qualified legal counsel and knowledge, members of society will be able to understand their intellectual property rights and the steps and resources necessary required to timely and adequately secure these rights without prejudice or disclaimer.

In an effort to help educate members of the public about such important matters, but certainly not to counsel or solicit an attorney-client relationship, we have assembled in our Library, a collection of Web-based resources relating to the processes of invention, innovation and intellectual property law in our society.

While we believe that this information will be helpful when searching for information about these processes, we do not hold that gaining access to and making use of such resources is a substitute for competent legal counsel. The intellectual property law processes of our society are quite complex. Thus, we urge anyone who visits this Web Site, and thinks he or she might be an inventor, to seek and retain competent legal counsel in order that his or her intellectual property rights are zealously championed throughout the world.

In the Patent Gallery, you will find a collection of U.S. Letters Patents authored by the firm and viewable in full text form via hypermedia links to patent databases on the WWW. The Patent Gallery is updated automatically by the USPTO.

In the Bookshelf section of our Library, you will find an original pdf-formatted composition entitled Claims To Fame and Fortune: A Survey of Pioneer Inventions in America. This work contains a remarkable collection of pioneering U.S. Patent Claims and Drawings for viewing by those interested in pondering upon the very rich history of invention and innovation in the United States of America over the past 240 Years or so.  We hope you will find collection awesome and inspiring.