Back in 1990, a young patent attorney was sitting in the Search Room of the "Old" US Patent Office Building, in Crystal City, Arlington, Virginia. He was performing a prior art search. During a break, he began thinking about the importance of pioneer inventions to our country. That afternoon, he was inspired to search for a collection of US Patents containing Claims to Invention directed to important pioneer inventions in America. After two years of research, and hundreds of microfiche downloads at the New York Public Library, "Claims to Fame and Fortune" (CFF) was completed in December 1992.

30 years later, our nation's trade imbalance and unemployment has reached unprecedented levels. Millions of people are wondering about the nature and causes of wealth in our nation, and how new jobs will be created for millions of Americans who can't find one. Today, pioneer inventions are widely viewed by many as having great potential for shaping and developing the economy of our nation, and inventors, scientists, and engineers are viewed as our nation's greatest resource for wealth creation and national prosperity.

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