•   Advising individual inventors, entrepreneurs, engineers, marketers, executives, patent attorneys, investors and general counselors
  •  Preparing, filing and prosecuting utility and design patent applications in the USPTO and WIPO
  •  Building patent portfolios around groups of products, services and brands
  •  Pursuing strategic patent protection in foreign patent offices around the world
  •  Negotiating and drafting patent licensing agreements
  •  Developing patent validity challenges (i.e. invalidity contentions) and providing patent litigation assistance
  •  Conducting patentability, validity, infringement, and freedom-to-operate (FTO) searches, studies and assessments
  •  Negotiating strategic intellectual property (IP) deals, including cross-licenses
  •  Securing trade secret protection and assisting in compliance
  •  Conducting trademark clearance searches
  •  Filing, prosecuting and maintaining trademark and servicemark registrations in the USPTO
  •  Advising on trademark and/or branding strategy around the world
  •  Developing intellectual property (IP) departments and invention disclosure processes for clients
  •  Developing patent infringement contentions and charts in patent infringement cases
  •  Developing patent invalidity contentions and charts in patent infringement cases
  •  Conducting IP due diligence assessments for private equity sponsors, and portfolio companies



We get very excited when working with our Clients. With passion, we apply our experience, technical skill and insight into every project and challenge before us. We believe our work product reveals this great passion and experience. Please take a look at our Patent Gallery and judge for yourself. Also, please visit Things We Protect for a sampling of products and services we help to protect under the intellectual property laws.


It is impossible to guarantee results when pursuing patent and other forms of intellectual property protection, particularly when working in a Jungle surrounded by an ocean of prior art churned up by powerful search engines. However, we promise to always work strategically and help our Clients make strategic investments in intellectual property protection aimed at achieving their objectives whatever they might be.


When working on our Client's inventions, and with their inventors, we understand we are working with people and subject matter that are very important, if not sacred. Therefore, we exercise our highest degree of care, concern and confidentiality to every case matter in which we are engaged, and use our experience and talents to advance each Client's interests above our own.  We are deeply concerned about our Clients, their businesses, organizations and missions, and work diligently to earn the great trust and loyalty our Clients place in us.


Our Clients are on serious missions and many operate under tight time constraints and financial budgets. We understand this, and work under engagement agreements that respect these constraints and budgets, while we perform our services to protect our Clients' intellectual property rights and deliver value.