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We believe in our clients, their missions and visions of tomorrow's world.

We also believe in their inventions and innovations, and passionately pursue patent protection for them in the USPTO, and in other foreign patent offices around the world.

We serve individual inventors, investors, as well as public and private corporations, big and small.

Our clients work in diverse fields of invention: data, signal and image processing, laser scanning, holography, computational machinery, information display systems, radio antennas, sensing, optical imaging, RFID systems and devices, semiconductor manufacture, computer graphics hardware and pixel rendering systems, computer software and processing, computer networking technologies, speech recognition systems, analog and digital signal processing, medical instruments and devices, geothermal heat transfer systems, refrigeration systems, bar code symbol reading systems, digital communication systems and networks, multi-dimensional database systems, fuel cells, enterprise-level software-based systems, financial information systems, medical instrumentation systems, artificial-intelligence (AI) music composition systems, consumer luggage systems, and game-based intelligence measurement systems,

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