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It's a Jungle out there, and our Clients are in the thick of it. Surrounded by competitors, predators and poachers.

They need to be keenly aware of their surroundings, ready to defend against the dangers around them, and prepared to pounce on opportunities that cross their paths.

We can help.

We conduct an intellectual property law practice that helps our Clients attain and maintain positions of leadership in fields of invention, art and innovation.

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Most Clients protect their products, services and brands with Patents.

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For decades, we have been helping Clients secure patent protection over their inventions to gain leverage over competition and support financial investment.

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To protect the Intellectual Property (IP) embodied in their products, services, and technologies, Clients need to claim their Intellectual Property (IP) Rights. These IP Rights might be Patent Rights, Trademark Rights, and/or Copyrights.

Once claimed under the Intellectual Property Laws, these Intellectual Property Rights can be used in various ways, namely: (i) licensed to others by the owner; (ii) sold and assigned to another by the owner; (iii) asserted against alleged infringers by the owner; and (iv) used to support financial investment.

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The intellectual property (IP) position of a company should be important to financial investors, including private equity (PE) sponsors, because the IP position of a company factors into a wide variety of transactions, including acquisitions, divestitures, mergers, strategic investments, recapitalizations and opportunistic financings.

The Intellectual Property (IP) Assets of a company provides a direct measure of the company's IP position in the marketplace. The IP Assets of a company may impact the legal rights of competitors to make, distribute, market, sell and use products and services provided by the company in the marketplace, and thus may produce advantage against competitors. At the same time, the IP Assets of a company's competitors may impact the company's legal rights to make, distribute, market, sell and use their products and services in the marketplace, and thus may impact a company's capacity to generate revenue and earn profits.

The value of these IP Assets and associated IP Rights typically contributes to the value of the capital invested in the company. Often, this impacts the amount of leverage such IP Assets might support in any financial transaction involving those IP Assets.

Financial managers need to advise team members and conduct activities that involve (i) identifying opportunities with a particular company, (ii) unlocking hidden value in its IP Portfolio, and (iii) supporting its financial investments.

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Pioneer inventions have great potential for shaping and developing the economy of our nation, and inventors, scientists, and engineers are one of our nation's greatest resource for wealth creation and national prosperity.

Download a pdf copy of Claims to Fame and Fortune (CFF) today, and learn more about the importance of inventions and inventors to our economy.