Revolutionary Mighty Fire Breaker™ Wild Fire Home & Community Defense Network Available to Fire Departments to Protect Property & Life Against Wildfire

By: M-Fire Holdings LLC

SAN DIEGO - March 12, 2020 - PRLog -- With the next wildfire season only a few weeks away and some insurers declining coverage in threatened areas across the state of California, M-Fire Holdings, LLC, headquartered in San Diego, recently launched its patent-protected Mighty Fire Breaker™ Wild Fire Home and Community Defense Network for use by fire departments across the western United States.

The network, managed by Mighty Fire Breaker, LLC, was designed to allow firefighters to create and maintain wildfire breaks, barriers, and zones, wherever needed, through new, improved, and tested clean chemistry technology, which sprays building structures and dry vegetation with an organic fire inhibitor compound.

M-Fire's UL GreenGold Certified Mighty Fire Breaker® environmentally-clean fire inhibitor chemistry has also been used by commercial developers to protect multi-family apartment buildings, as featured in The New York Times, Real Estate Weekly, Engineering News-Record, The Malibu Times magazine, and other major publications. Its ability to render high-density wood-frame construction fire resistant was recognized with the insurance industry's International Risk Management Institute's 2018 Gary E Bird Innovation Award.

Deploying advanced GPS-tracking and mapping techniques, and GPS-tracked sprayers, its Mighty Fire Breaker™ Wild Fire Home and Community Defense Network proactively tracks and maps nearby wildfires, providing crucial information to firefighters.

In 2019, 7,860 wildfires burned more than 250,000 acres in California, destroying 732 structures and killing three people, according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.

These statistics demonstrate that, with the Santa Anna and Diablo winds propelling fires in advance of the ability of firefighters to control with water and manually create fire breaks, only a new and different approach can solve the problem.

With the advent of the Wild Fire Home and Community Defense Network, the traditional tools of fighting wildfires – conventional picks, rakes, shovels, and bulldozers – will quickly become things of the past when managing the destructive power of naturally-occurring wildfires in ever-expanding urban and suburban areas.

In the spirit of fire prevention pioneer Benjamin Franklin, the Mighty Fire Breaker™ Wild Fire Defense Network allows any local fire department, small or large, volunteer or paid, working independently or along with neighboring fire departments, to practice this famous American's catch phrase: "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

The Mighty Fire Breaker™ approach will significantly reduce losses to property and life by fire that would otherwise occur using conventional fire prevention methods and technologies.

"Wildfires continued to expand in size and intensity across California and the western United States last year, displacing thousands of families from their homes and burning hundreds of thousands of acres," said Steve Conboy, Chairman and General Manager of M-Fire Holdings LLC. "We must never forget the tragedy of parents and children coming back to a pile of ashes where a home once stood. Instead, we need a proactive approach, where homes are defended from wildfires automatically, on site, and people can be effectively and more rapidly evacuated. When they return, their home and belongings will still be there."

Contact Mighty Fire Breaker LLC's founder and CEO, Steve Conboy, to learn how your fire department can subscribe to the Mighty Fire Breaker™ Wild Fire Home and Community Defense Network and proactively protect property and life from the threat of wildfires within your jurisdiction.

About M-Fire Holdings LLC:

M-Fire Holdings, LLC, a sustainable building and environmental solutions firm headquartered in San Diego, California, provides innovative fire inhibition and suppression solutions to many industries, namely clean-chemistry Class-A fire protection to wood-framed and mass-timber buildings, and proactively-engineered clean-chemistry wild fire breaks, barriers and zones to protect homes and neighborhoods. M-Fire Holdings, LLC, owns and operates closely-held Mighty Fire Breaker, LLC, for the purpose of deploying its Mighty Fire Breaker™ Wild Fire Home and Community Defense Network for use by fire departments across the United States, to create and manage clean-chemistry wild fire breaks, barriers and zones, proactively-engineered to prevent loss of property and life by wildfire.

To watch a demonstration of the Mighty Fire Breaker™ Wild Fire Home and Community Defense Network, click here. To reach founder and CEO Steve Conboy, click here.

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