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Business leaders seek leverage over competition, and freedom to operate their businesses

Business leaders know that excessive regulations result in higher operating costs, and lower profits.

So most naturally seek less regulations and pursue greater degrees of freedom to operate their companies.

They also seek advantage by gaining leverage against competition.

This includes securing patent grants to constrain and block their competitors.

Companies must deal with constraints created by a competitor's patent claims.

This includes any impact created by patent claims on a company's freedom to operate its business, including making, selling and providing its products and services.

Securing freedom to operate requires identifying and avoiding all relevant competitor patent claims that may legally impact the company, and its products and services.

This task requires great intelligence, insight and diligence.

Avoiding infringement of a competitor's patent requires navigating around the "scope" of its patent claims.

When necessary, this involves challenging the validity of these patent claims.

Challenging patent claims requires developing compelling patent invalidity contentions, supported by strong prior art references not previously considered by the patent examiners during prosecution of the competitor's patent grants.

Gaining leverage over competitors can be achieved in different ways.

One way involves securing strong and effective intellectual property (IP) protection.

Typically, this involves using the Patent Laws.

However, the Copyright Laws, Trademark Laws, and Trade Secret Laws can be used as well to secure leverage and advantage.

Securing patent protection under the Patent Laws involves drafting and prosecuting patent claims covering a company's products, services, markets and brands.

By building portfolios of granted patent claims, legal barriers and leverage are created against the competition, providing the patent owner with the right to assert and enforce infringement of granted patent claims by competitors.

Securing strong and enforceable patent claims requires significant time, energy and effort during the patent prosecution process in the Patent Office.

For over 30 years, we have been helping clients achieve freedom and leverage as they grow their businesses, expand their markets, and earn profits.

Along the way, we have acquired great experience and insight into these processes.

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